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The powerful Social Media?

social media

Social media is defined as “websites and computer programs that allow people to communicate and share information on the internet using a computer or mobile phone”.

As per the Cambridge Dictionary

In this digital age, we find that social media has a great impact on everything, literally. No matter if it’s personal life or professional work, social media platforms have become an essential part of how we operate.

Features of social media:

The fact that we all are indulged in Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, Instagram, etc. This shows how common and important social media is nowadays. It has become a basic need of our everyday life.

  1. Easily obtainable
  2. Create and share visual content
  3. Flexible 
  4. powerful

Artificial Intelligence handling social media.

Some of the platforms are using artificial intelligence which can help the user to get their desired results. Just talk about it and the problem is solve. 

This is an AI algorithm, different platforms of social media are using to get data in waveform from your voice (from microphones of devices) and show you the results accordingly.

The well-known Social Media sites And their content types:

We can discuss according to the social media type:

  • Media sharing sites: Visual content is the main focus; sharing photos and videos. Examples of these sites are Instagram and YouTube.
  • Social networking sites: These are the most popular social media sites. As the name suggests, these sites help in networking people. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most common social networking sites.
  • Social blogging sites: Blogging has been in trend for quite some time now. Creating and distributing content and making aware of the same has been a popular activity on the internet. Medium and Tumblr are common examples of blogging websites.
  • Discussion or conference sites: Discussion networks are very informative platforms. You can post a question or answer any, also you to understand the trends and sentiment surrounding the topic. Reddit, Ask, and Quora are popular discussion sites.

The discovery of social media platforms has changed the life of the whole planet. Not only the planet, but you can also experience the events happening in space.

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