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From Global Village to Digital Divide

Digital world technology

The global village is the concept that describes the new reality and social structure that the Internet has brought forth. Due to the openness and accessibility of the Internet, it is able to connect people all around the world regardless of their location or identity. Studies show that access to the computer and internet actually provides users with improved education and higher wages, one of the many benefits the Internet offers. 

As this report showed out and will continue to do so, the Internet provides much efficiency, convenience, and comfort in our everyday lives, so much so that we may have taken some of its functions for granted. It is clear that networking technology is integrated with our lives Like a cellular phone has already eliminated the distance.

The term, global digital divide, highlights the great differences between developed and developing countries in the opportunity to access the internet, and the information and educational/business opportunities tied to this access.


Digital literacy keeps you more connected, better informed, and happier than seniors who don’t use the internet. When you consider that there are many social media platforms, it becomes even easier to find one for you. Digital literacy is also effective at finding these options, even if it’s as simple as Googling.

Digital currency:

We can see digital currency getting very much notable that payments in digital currencies are made straightforwardly between the executing parties without the need for any go-betweens, so the exchanges are generally quick and require a lower cost.

A step forward in intelligence:

Algorithms are generated using technology to get things in a short time period with less effort and high accuracy to overcome the labor.

Driverless cars have been produced already, robots have replaced humans in the terms of work in almost all the fields which is a big achievement.

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